Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship


    Fifty leaders. One city. Infinite possibilities.

  • DexSchool is a world-class summer school of leadership and entrepreneurship grooming children and youth into global leaders.


    To put it simply, DexSchool is like a life-changing MBA program for teenagers, aided with a yearlong mentoring and support system.


    world class school

    DexSchool brings together some of the brightest students from across South Asia and grooms them into "21st century" leaders

    inspirational mentors

    Past DexSchool mentors include Forbes-listed CEOs, Harvard and MIT alums, World Bank Innovation awardees, NASA scientists, etc.

    exciting curriculum

    DexSchool graduates are the youngest in the world to solve Harvard Law School negotiations & engage with Harvard Business case studies

  • a typical DexSchool session...

    involves critiquing Barack Obama's speeches, dissecting Steve Jobs' pitches and understanding public policy

    a typical dinner table at DexSchool...

    includes Forbes-listed CEOs, Presidential awardees, Harvard and MIT Professors, NASA scientists

    a typical DexSchool challenge...

    covers solving Harvard Law School Negotiations, launching your own startup and learning using Harvard Business School case studies

    the network you build at DexSchool...

    connects you to diplomats & world leaders from the UN to the World Bank, students and professors from Harvard to Oxford, engineers and entrepreneurs from Tesla to Apple

    the roles you assume at DexSchool...

    involve drafting policies on national and international issues, becoming a speaking coach to the person sitting next to you or being an investor in your friend's idea

  • DexSchool in Numbers


    In the last four years, 160 world class young leaders have graduated from the DexSchool and are "making a difference" in the world.


    These students were selected from a pool of over 3500 strong applicants from over 15 countries.




    applications received



    9,00,00,000 INR

    scholarship awarded to alumni

  • Some of the colleges

    our alumni attend


    DexSchool graduates go on to pursue academic degrees at some of the most prestigious institutions across the world. Collectively, DexSchool alums have received millions of dollars in scholarships.











  • Class of 2017

    DexSchool is accepting applications from teenagers (13 - 19) across South Asia. DexSchool Class of 2017 will meet in Patna, India from June 11 - 17, 2017. Students will be hosted at St. Xavier's College's sprawling 36-acre campus. The deadline to submit your application is May 30, 2017.






    Tuition for the class of 2017 is 5,000 INR (non-residential) and 10,000 INR (all meals, stay and local transport included). DexSchool has a financial aid policy that says, "If you can pay, you pay. Else, we pay for you." All students who cannot pay, receive full scholarships.

  • "Undoubtedly, the best five days of my life."

    Mohit Agarwal
    ICAI, Kolkata

    "Meeting people at DexSchool is like reading 'Humans of New York' posts. Their life stories are so inspiring."​

    Bikash Gupta
    Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu

    "DexSchool is the ideal program for getting your ideas off the ground."

    Aamir Rizwan

    St. Michael's High School, Patna

    "I truly became a leader at DexSchool."

    Aditya Dhanraj
    Loyola School, Jamshedpur




    "DexSchool is the place to be - a place where Forbes-listed CEOs and World Bank awardees come together to train future leaders."

    Snehal Nawal
    Delhi Public School, RK Puram