• From solving complex Harvard Law School negotiations to starting their own companies, graduates prepare themselves as future global leaders at the Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

    a typical DexSchool session

    involves critiquing Barack Obama's speeches, dissecting Steve Jobs' pitches and understanding public policy

    a typical DexSchool


    covers solving Harvard Law School Negotiations, launching your own startup and learning using Harvard Business School case studies

    a typical DexSchool dinner table

    includes Forbes-listed CEOs, Presidential awardees, Harvard and MIT Professors, NASA scientists


    the network you build at DexSchool

    connects you to diplomats & world leaders from the UN to the World Bank, students and professors from Harvard to Oxford, engineers and entrepreneurs from Tesla to Apple

    the roles you assume at DexSchool

    involve drafting policies on national and international issues, becoming a speaking coach to the person sitting next to you or being an investor in your friend's idea