• DexSchool education happens in three stages


    Yearlong Digital Mentoring

    July 2024 - June 2025

    Two Semesters,

    Twelve Modules.


    Weeklong Residential Training

    June 2025

    The week that DexSchool graduates unanimously call "life-changing"


    Lifelong Support System

    Local, National & Overseas

    Meetup and retraining programs, 1-on-1 sessions and office hours with mentors

  • Building Local Role Models

    Recognized globally for their multi-disciplinary contributions, DexSchool alumni act as local role models. DexSchool graduates continue to learn, grow and serve through a lifelong community of dexters that is serving and leading from the front.

    With Rigorous Training

    Through its interdisciplinary curriculum, problem solving challenges and rigorous mentoring sessions, DexSchool builds the character, temperament and expertise of next generation leaders.

    To redefine education and reclaim leadership

    DexSchool enables a young generation of leaders to redefine and reclaim their leadership, inspire others by their example and serve India and the world through their education.

  • Yearlong Digital Mentoring

    July 2024 - June 2025

    DexSchool Class of 2025 will commence its 12-month long journey in the DexSchool Digital Classroom.


    For the first twelve months, candidates undergo monthly modules, solve challenging assignments, seek inputs and advice during office hours and build their core skills and fundamentals in monthly lectures. During this period, they also receive access to and mentoring for national and international opportunities, each month, across different fields.

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    Monthly Modules

    At the beginning of every month, candidates gain access to their digital module comprising of reading material, thinking points and assignments.

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    Social Hours and Office Hours

    These are live sessions where candidates get to know each other, interact with their mentors, ask questions on modules and assignments, discuss future plans, share updates and seek advice.

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    Digital Lectures

    On the last Sunday of every month, the class meets for their live digital lecture on the module of the month.

  • Weeklong Residential Training

    June 2025

    After year-long mentoring, candidates arrive for the most awaited and coveted residential week that DexSchool graduates unanimously call "life-changing".


    In the week-long residential training, candidates embark on a journey of self-transformation and bring to practice the lessons they have learnt in the twelve months. The weeklong residential training comprises of 50 hours of in-class learning and participation alongside 50 hours of out-of-class learning in groups through outdoor activities, games, exercises and challenges.

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    Lectures and Assignments

    From communication and research to leadership and problem solving, entrepreneurship and negotiations to spirituality and service — candidates undergo rigorous in-classroom training.

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    Reflection and Q/A

    Every lecture is followed by reflection sessions, group discussions and Q/A. The class learns using the DexSchool method — "What's working? What's not working? What can we do better?"

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    Activities and Challenges

    Through various in-class and outdoor activities, games and case challenges, the class understands and solves real-world problems and puzzles. As the graduation challenge, the Class solves a Harvard Law School Negotiation.

  • Lifelong Support System

    On the last day of residential training, candidates graduate from the program and become lifelong members of a community of young global leaders. As DexSchool graduates, they become part of a prestigious global network of "Graduates and Fellows of Dexterity".

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    24x7 Access to Mentors

    Alumni receive lifelong mentoring and guidance.

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    Alumni Office Hours

    Every month, alumni have access to office hours to seek further input and advice.

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    Alumni Meetups

    Alumni benefit from regular local, national and overseas meetups hosted in different parts of the world.