• Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (DexSchool) is a world-class leadership development programme building service-oriented leaders for India and the world.


    Founded in 2012, DexSchool is India’s first school of leadership and entrepreneurship for teenagers.

    weeklong in residence

    yearlong active mentoring

    lifelong support system

  • Building Leaders for the Next Generation

    Through its interdisciplinary curriculum, problem solving challenges and rigorous mentoring sessions, DexSchool builds the character, temperament and expertise of next generation leaders.

    Creating Local Role Models

    DexSchool alumni act as local role models, have been internationally awarded for their multi-disciplinary contributions and continue to learn, grow and serve through a lifelong community of dexters that is serving and leading from the front.

    Redefining leadership and reinventing the future

    DexSchool enables a young generation of leaders to redefine and reclaim their leadership, inspire others by their example and serve India and the world through their education.