• Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (DexSchool) is a world-class leadership development program building leaders for India and the world. Founded in 2012, DexSchool is India’s first school of leadership and entrepreneurship for teenagers.

  • The Training

    DexSchool education is about personal transformation, higher purpose, original ideas and higher ideals, combined with a military-like discipline. DexSchool trains young leaders with semi-monastic, semi-military values, inspired by some of India's greatest nation-builders whose dedicated hard work, combined with military-like discipline and monk-like detachment, contributed immensely to India and the world.


    DexSchool does not pick or train leaders like a fashion parade (choosing the already attractive and then ranking them) but as a military academy (picking young people of character and building them through rigorous training) — enabling each one to be their best version.

    The Curriculum

    Globally recognized for its contribution in shaping next generation leaders, DexSchool’s curriculum draws its strength from well-researched and carefully put together global case studies, stories of leadership and transformation, groundbreaking marketing and political campaigns, champion sports teams, best practices and innovative solutions and is delivered through experiential learning, classroom engagement, case challenges, simulations and problem solving exercises that introduce young minds to possibilities and challenges of the current world order while equipping them with the ability to solve and build for the future.

    The Community

    DexSchool graduates become lifelong members of a community of young global leaders comprising of our graduates and mentors. They continue to engage with each other and with the world as they put their DexSchool education to use to solve challenging problems of our times. Learn more about our alumni here.

    The Campus

    DexSchool's week-in-residence is hosted at the School of Ancient Wisdom in Bengaluru, India. The sprawling, beautiful campus of the School of Ancient Wisdom is located 15 mins away from the Bengaluru International Airport in a picturesque setting enroute to Nandi Hills.

  • "Equipping young people with the mentality to solve 21st century problems."

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