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    Class of 2016 Graduate In $1 million Hult Prize Global Finals

    Class of 2016 Graduate Mallika Boobna after winning at several regional and global rounds made it to the global finals of the Hult Prize. Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus calls Hult Prize the "Nobel Prize for Students." The prestigious $1mn Hult Prize had received over 250,000 entries globally.

    Class of 2019 Graduate Appointed Ambassador of National Society of High School Scholars

    Khushi Chindaliya, who hails from Gujarat, India, is the first from her city to be appointed as the Ambassador of National Society of High School Scholars, an Atlanta-based honor society run by the descendants of Sir Alfred Nobel.

    Melinda Gates Features DexSchool Mentor Sudha Varghese In Her Book

    In her best-selling book The Moment of Lift, the Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has dedicated a full chapter on Sudha Varghese's inspiring work with marginalised communities of Bihar, India. Sudha Varghese has served as a mentor at DexSchool since its inception.

    Class of 2017 Graduate Establishes First TED-ED Club of His State

    A first-generation high school graduate, Ritik Raj has previously represented India in the United States and Thailand.

    Class of 2018 Graduate Appointed United Nations TUNZA Eco-Gen Ambassador

    Muskan Priya joins almost half a dozen DexSchool Graduates who have previously served as UN Youth Ambassadors.

    DexSchool Mentor Becomes First Female Amputee to Climb the Highest Peak of All Continents

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over the Indian Tricolour to Arunima Sinha to carry on her expedition to Antarctica. Padma Shri Awardee Arunima Sinha was the Graduation Speaker for DexSchool Class of 2017.

    Class of 2017 Graduate Secures All India Rank 1 in Design Entrance Examinations

    Leading change through her work in design, Muskaan emerged as a National Topper for NIFT and NID Entrance Examinations in India.